Business Internet and Data

Optimize your business connections, performances, and successes with faster, more reliable Internet and data plans from USA Communications.

Fiber Optic Networking

Stay ahead of the competition with true enterprise bandwidth and ultimate data transfer speeds. Our symmetrical fiber Internet connections are faster, more scalable and more affordable than T1 and DS3 connections. Our dedicated, state of the art, all Fiber Optic Network allows you to symmetrically upload and download data with an always-on connection. With speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second, we beat the competition hands down!

  • Multiple speed packages
  • A dedicated and secure connection directly to your phones and computers
  • Ability to connect multi-location businesses with point-to-point configurations
  • Redundant routing to increase reliability and security
  • Local, 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Privately owned and locally operated

USA Communications Business Fiber Optic Networking

Our fiber optic network Internet connection is faster, more scalable and more affordable than other digital lines. With speeds up to 10Gbps, it’s perfect for businesses that send and receive heavy loads of data, as well as companies that have extensive e-commerce needs.

Fiber Optic Network Internet Connections Include:

  • Office-to-office and network fiber connectivity up to 10Gbps
  • A secure, affordable connection to our fiber-optic network for high-capacity applications
  • Service that easily scales as the needs of your business grow
  • 24/7 access to dedicated support teams

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Business Internet

Perfect for businesses needing a speed boost, our broadband service is reliable and affordable. You will be able to download and upload with speeds far faster than standard DSL, and you can expect support to always be there when you call.

More Broadband for Your Buck

We understand that your business needs to be able to turn on a dime – and save as many as possible. When slower DSL won’t cut it, we have the speed you need.

Get blazing-fast uploads and downloads, faster online transaction processing and enough bandwidth to satisfy all your users. Discover what the right Internet speed can do for your business.

Run Your Business Faster

  • Speed without the delays of DSL
  • Savings while increasing bandwidth
  • Simplicity with a single, direct connection to your router
  • Security over our privately owned and managed network
  • Faster cloud content backup and recovery
  • Support, 24/7, from our locally dedicated service teams

And, of course, receive the business features you expect, including first priority service and local technical support. You have a business to run. Connect now to run it smarter and faster with broadband service.

Connect Multiple Locations

Don’t leave your branch offices to fend for themselves. Maximize collaboration, communication and success with our fast fiber connections. We can help to make your operations feel like a more unified business.

Unite Your Network

Keep your network and offices connected, privately and securely, with data service solutions from USA Communications Business.

Our fiber-optic network can give your applications and users a stable, reliable connection that can be scaled as your business needs evolve.

Fiber Point-To-Point (WAN) Connections

Step up to fiber-based 10 Gbps speeds with our Fiber Point-To-Point service. Whether you need a bandwidth increase, critical data pathways or private connectivity, our Fiber Point-To-Point solution is backed by service level agreements that you can rely on. Fiber Point-To-Point connections deliver:

  • Speed – up to 10Gbps with dedicated Internet
  • Scalability – Customize your solution and change it easily as needs grow. Unlike a T1 DS3 (T3), Fiber Point-To-Point has practically boundless capacity
  • SLAs – Strong service level agreements and Classes of Service to optimize your
  • Savings – Fiber Point-To-Point is less expensive than T1 lines, with no hassle
  • Service – Data services backed by 24/7 support and local technical

Business Point-To-Point

By adding a customized, fiber-based Point-To-Point solution to your business, it’s easy for your network points to work together – in real time – with the right service level agreements to ensure performance. With USA Communications Business as your Point-To-Point provider, you receive the service and technology your company needs for both Point A to Point B connections and Multi-Point requirements.

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