Business Phone

Our Commercial Voice solutions are designed for businesses that have robust needs. We offer flexible plans and reliable services to fit all of your business needs.

USA Communication Business Phone Services

Keep your number and your equipment! Our flexible plans fit businesses of any size. Need more than a dial-tone? With our advance calling features and online account portal, your customers will always be able to reach you.

With USA Communications Business Phone services, you can expect:

  • Digital quality phone lines
  • To keep your number
  • To keep your existing phones
  • Unlimited long distance calling
  • Toll free services
  • Fax to e-mail services
  • A full range of advanced calling features
  • Scalable service – add lines as your business grows
  • Local, 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support

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Business Voice

Our traditional voice services offer reliability and robust tools at an affordable price. Power up your business with advanced calling features and deepen your connection to customers by making your service more accessible.

Crystal-Clear Connections and Robust Features

Get cutting-edge technology and a great rate to match. With our voice solution, you can choose from a variety of powerful calling features and flexible packages to ensure your customers can always connect with your teams.

All calls with our service are placed and received over our private, advanced fiber network, giving you superior digital voice clarity and reliability – with all of the advanced communications services you need.

Our flexible Business Voice and traditional phone service packages offer a wide selection of features and calling plans, plus a free listing in the Yellow Pages.

Business Voice Features Include:

Call Waiting

Receive a notification of a second incoming call, and then place the first call on hold while answering the second.

Call Forwarding

Redirect your calls to another destination.

3-Way Calling

Add a third party to the conversation.

Caller ID

View the name and number of an incoming call.


Allow incoming callers to leave a message when you are unavailable.


Redirect an incoming call to a second line when the first line is busy.

Premium Attendant

Allow this automated receptionist service to answer your calls automatically and offer callers a pre-configured menu, set by you.

And more.

Commercial Voice User Guide

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice service from USA Communications Business provides a fully managed, productivity-improving solution. It’s the easy-to-use business VoIP service that delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and security.

Get Ready for a Complete Phone System

Our Hosted VoIP services provide the total package to help keep your company moving and growing. Get the power of a private line, with the speed and clarity of a broadband connection, all for a great price.

Full Suite of Hosted Solutions

With a full suite of options, we can find a hosted solution to best fit your needs.

Email to Fax User Guide

Hosted VOIP Includes:

Web portal

Make do-it-yourself changes, feature activation and management changes online.

Caller ID

View the name and number of an incoming call.


Allow incoming callers to leave a message when you are unavailable.

Call forwarding

Redirect your calls to another destination.

Call transfer

Relocate an incoming call to another phone.

Speed dialing

Set a code for numbers that you dial frequently.

Simultaneous ring

Set up to five phone numbers, including cell phones, to ring at the same time.

Call hold

Put incoming callers on hold, and set music for callers to hear while on hold.

Optional Auto Attendant

Provide a highly configurable solution to route calls by name, department, or extension.

There is no PBX equipment to install, maintain or occupy space in your office building. Your administrators and users have full control of all your communication features from any Web browser.

Voice Trunking

Unleash the power of your IP-PBX with our fiber-based Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk solution. You’ll gain virtually unlimited bandwidth and customization capabilities, in addition to the ability to seamlessly handle call traffic bursts that exceed your standard plan.

Unlimited Capacity and Flexibility

Instantly upgrade your existing VoIP-PBX connection with a Session Initiated Protocol Trunk (SIP Trunk) service. Replace traditional phone lines with one to several hundred communication paths – all delivered over a pure fiber connection.

Your business will function more efficiently with our SIP Business Trunking. We supply you with critical information about peak call times, missed calls and other important data. This premier business telephone solution gives your total control of your communications.

USA Communications Business seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to keep the same phone numbers. Everything is software provisioned over a state-of-the-art network that we protect, monitor and manage around the clock. USA Communications Business can be your SIP Trunk provider with one easy call.

Features to Enhance Your Communication

  • Unlimited Direct Inward Dial (DID) capability
  • Different phone numbers for every phone
  • A single, simple connection
  • Easy scalability – capacity is added or removed as needed via software configuration

Traditional PBX

Get more out of your existing PBX connection. Provide direct-dial numbers for every employee, get data speeds up to 50 Mbps and enhance your calling features – with zero additional hardware.

A New PBX Connection. A Better Way of Communicating.

Increase the power of your existing PBX phone system with a voice service that’s more flexible and secure – featuring blazing-fast Internet speeds.

All it takes is a quick call to upgrade to a more sophisticated, simple way of conducting business with your PBX phone systems.

Your Existing PBX System Can Help You Do More

  • Providing direct-dial phone numbers for every employee
  • Making it easy to add additional phone lines to your growing business
  • Increasing bandwidth for greater productivity
  • Placing and receiving more phone calls to better address customer inquiries