Your Value-Added Business Partner

Get to know the provider who truly listens to you and responds with tailored solutions to match your company needs. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. We’re here to design a communications solution that works for your business - whether you’re a corner store or a global enterprise - with unbeatable service.

Cable Television Service

Do you need video services for your lobby or break room? Do you own a hotel or apartment complex and need to deliver video to all of your rooms? Cable television services give your patrons the entertainment they have come to expect and love. A variety of channels from local programming to sports, news and entertainment are all available at your fingertips! Learn More

Internet and Data

USA Communications Business plans have Internet and data services that will meet your needs today and grow with you in the future. If you want to process transactions faster, send large files with ease or connect multiple offices in real time, we can help you get the speed, bandwidth and performance you need. We deliver it all with service that will make you smile. Learn More

Commercial Voice

Nothing helps you connect with customers like the human voice. Whether you need basic phone service or advanced enterprise PBX/IP-PBX connectivity, we have feature-rich voice solutions that will meet your needs and your budget. Learn More

Advertising on Cable TV

You place ads in the newspaper, you do radio spots, and you may even have a billboard. Do you advertise on Cable Television? If not, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to direct market your products and services to the specific audience you want to reach. Advertising your business on cable television opens the doors to a world of new business opportunities.

Imagine the sales potential of marketing your baseball card shop, sports equipment, or sports medicine practice during the next big game. Need a broader approach? Advertise during some of the top prime-time shows on television and reach entire families. Learn More

Billboard Advertising

Outdoor billboards have the ability to reach thousands of people day and night. Properly designed, they can help you build a strong identity in your local market. Our sister company, CK Outdoor, services the Great Plains region of South Dakota and Iowa with 80+ metro and nonmetro locations to choose from along I80, I90, I29 and I35.

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