Advertising Opportunities

Grow your business with targeted Cable TV marketing. It's the affordable way to attract new customers, and to remind the regulars why they chose you in the first place.

Advertising on Cable TV

USA Communications Advertising offers commercial breaks on all the hottest TV channels in America. Local cable advertising delivers customers right to your door. It’s targeted advertising at its best.

USA Communications Advertising can reach current and new customers in local geographic areas:

  • These areas can correspond to a “zone” (an area adjacent to a location where most customers come from), or a “demographically concentrated area” (where many households have similar demographic characteristics such as age, income, occupation or lifestyle).
  • With USA Communications Advertising, you can have your name and location appear in commercials in your desired locations.
  • USA Communications Advertising also has the ability to reach potential customers by using “targeted” programming (news, sports, children’s, documentaries, home improvement, etc.) with an audience of similar demographic characteristics.
  • Don’t have a commercial? No need to worry. USA Communications Advertising will help you produce a “Spot” that will deliver results.

Why Cable TV?

Repeat Business

Remind your customers why they chose you in the first place. Tap them on the shoulder and tell them again.

New Customers

Gain new customers with enticing advertising.

Targeted Marketing

Attract specific customers through targeted programming by reaching groups with similar demographic characteristics.

What You Can Expect

Top Rated Networks and High Quality Programming

Advertise on popular networks such as USA, ESPN, & TBS during unique, high-quality programming, including major sporting events!

Weather Crawl

USA Communications manages the advertising messages that are displayed on the crawl during Local on the 8s. You have the opportunity to buy local advertising slots or air local community type announcements.

For more information about this opportunity, download the Weather Crawl advertising form.

Creative Services

USA Communications can help your produce a television commercial that will catch the viewers’ eyes, ears and heart. Check out our YouTube Channel to see examples of commercials that we have produced.

Personal Service

You can always expect professional services from a local company with your best interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an existing commercial if I want to advertise on Cable TV?

    Not at all. In fact, USA Communications Advertising offers creative services to advertisers, and we will gladly produce a high quality, high impact commercial that will showcase your business according to your needs.

  • Which cable networks can I put my commercial on?

    For each cable network a system puts commercials on, they must make a capital investment in a separate piece of equipment. Therefore, your local system may not insert ads in every ad-supported cable network, but they will surely insert ads in those networks that have the highest viewership and advertiser value.

  • How much does a commercial on local cable cost?

    The commercials cost less than you may think. Please contact your sales representative or the main office toll-free at 877-234-0102 for current rates and specials.

Service Areas

We provide Cable TV advertising services in the following DMAs:

California – San Diego DMA

Syscode 9108 System name: Borrego Springs
Zip Codes served: Borrego Springs

Colorado – Denver DMA

Syscode 9790 System name: Pagosa Springs
Zip Codes served: Pagosa Springs

Syscode 9847 System name: Black Hawk
Zip Codes served: Black Hawk, Central City

Montana – Billings DMA

Syscode 1038 System name: Billings
Zip Codes served: Billings, Forsyth, Hardin

Nebraska – Lincoln, Hastings, Kearney DMA

Syscode 8659 System name: Nebraska Central Telephone – Burwell
Zip Codes served: Burwell

Syscode 9356 System name: Three River Communications – Ainsworth
Zip Codes served: Ainsworth

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