Manage Phone

USA Communications offers advanced calling features that are easy to manage, providing you with the best phone services possible.

How to Manage Your Phone Features

It’s easy to manage your phone features. Use the “star codes” (*) right from your phone, or our Online Account Portal.

Click here for a printable User’s Guide to set up voicemail and to manage your phone features.

Online Account Portal

Advanced Calling Features

Our advanced calling features provide you with much more than a line to the outside world.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Use this feature to prevent or allow calls from callers who have blocked their phone numbers from being identified. Blocked callers will hear a message notifying them that their calls are being rejected.

Call Forwarding

The Call Forwarding service allows you to redirect your incoming phone calls to another number, such as a mobile phone or administrative assistant. Variations of Call Forwarding include:

  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Call Forwarding No Response
  • Call Forwarding Busy

Call Waiting

Use this feature to turn the Call Waiting service on or off. This service allows you to decide whether phone calls in progress can be interrupted by other calls.

Speed Dialing

Use this feature to program numbers for speed dial. This service allows you to associate single digit codes to frequently dialed or phone numbers that are difficult to remember. You can dial a speed dial code instead of the full number to place calls. To use speed dial from your phone, dial the speed dial code number, then #.

Three Way Calling

Use this feature to create a three-way call. When this service is assigned, you can place a three-way call using the flash-based services.


Voicemail Management allows you to specify how to handle your voice messages. You can retrieve voice messages by using your phone, or you can choose to send messages directly to your e-mail.